Robert van der Sluis has been personally involved with sports at an amateur level. Nowadays, he's mostly only passively involved in sports. His favorite sports include golf, tennis, hockey, and soccer. Robert often observes a game with professional eyes: 'You can immediately pick out the athletes who are tired or not sharp. I sometimes think to myself, I really could have helped them in just a few treatment sessions.

Seventy percent of a sports performance is the result of consultation. The remaining thirty percent is achieved through training, technique, science, and proper physical fitness. Considering that this last area is relatively unexplored, this is where athletes can achieve great advantages. Robert van der Sluis mainly treats cyclists and skaters. His clientele consists of athletes who have a tendency to become over-trained, or who have just lost their touch.

Improved, constant performances in the short and long term.

"One young entrepreneur with a pacemaker couldnt walk more than 200 meters. After treatment, she was back to her old self again."